The Lifeboat Saturday Collection
Celebrating one extraordinary day
that kept lifeboats afloat
This range commemorates the world’s first street collection, held by volunteers in Manchester in 1891. It features a colourful design, inspired by programmes found in RNLI archives. Explore the collection, from lovely clothing and accessories to delicious tea and biscuits.

About the design

The design on this range is inspired by illustrated Lifeboat Saturday programmes, found in the RNLI archives. In this image you can see an original illustration, printed in 1893. Full of heroic rescue stories, the programme told readers how their kindness was helping to power the RNLI’s lifesaving service.

The world’s first charity street collection

In 1891, wealthy industrialist Sir Charles Macara answered the RNLI’s call for help, following the tragic loss of volunteers from two lifeboat crews. He was so concerned for the widows and children of the volunteers lost that Charles and his wife Marion decided to organise a collection for them.

The inaugural Lifeboat Saturday in Manchester was the first charity street collection ever recorded. Over 30,000 people lined the streets and raised over £5,000 together (that’s over £500,000 today).
When you buy something from the Lifeboat Saturday range, you’ll be commemorating this fantastic event. And, just like the kind people who attended the street collection in 1891, you’ll be supporting the RNLI lifesavers.