A clutch bag, rucksack, crossbody bag, scarf, cushion and tea set are displayed, all featuring the colourful RNLI design by Emma Mawston.

Emma Mawston

Emma Mawston drew inspiration from the RNLI’s rich, 200-year history and has created a stunning print design, full of thoughtful symbolism. From the yellow rose, representing the friendship and joy found in RNLI communities. To the star boat badge that symbolises a beacon of hope, which the RNLI is to everyone they rescue.

As I drew and painted the design, I listened to rescue stories told by RNLI lifeboat crews. Each element has been carefully chosen to symbolise different parts of the RNLI’s 200-year history and lifesaving work.
Emma Mawston, Artist
Designer Emma Mawston.