Cooling Pet Bandana

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Easy to use, our cooling pet collar is a safe way to help combat overheating during hot days and long walks. As dogs can't sweat they pant to control their temperature, the hotter they get the harder they have to work to cool themselves down so sometimes they need extra help from us.

To use submerge collar in cold water for around 1 minute, then wring out excessive water and it's ready to wear.

The unique material has a special surface that allows liquid through to the highly absorbent inner, the bandana then retains moisture for hours so there is no need for refrigeration.

Each bandana comes with reusable plastic tube, before going on a long walk simply activate the collar, place back into the tube and throw into your bag for when you need it later.

Available in 2 size options to best suit your pet:

- Small/Medium 44cm x 13cm
- Large/Extra Large 60cm x 15cm