Hydralight Waterpowered 2D Torch

Product code: RS2033105

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Give your crew an extra boost of support in the dark with this water-powered torch.

A convenient LED emergency light powered by a small, replaceable RTC energy cell. Provides directional light to illuminate small areas or situations where bright light is needed away from access to conventional batteries or electrical grids.

Simply dip the bottom of the light in water to activate, the light will function while internal cell is hydrated.
  • hydracell
  • waterpowered 2D Flash Light
  • lightweight, compact, rugged design
  • impregnated with salt for immediate use
  • 345 grams
  • 2 bright, long-life LED lights
  • 25+ year shelf life if stored correctly
  • will provide 72+ hours of continuous light
  • operated by on/off switch.