Penguin Felt Decoration

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Decorate your Christmas tree with a different kind of ornament and know that you 've helped a good cause at the same time.

This penguin felt decoration was handmade and lined by fairtrade craftspeople in Nepal and the Philippines.

Suitable for hanging from any tree or anywhere else in your home that isn 't near an open flame this charming Christmas ornament features a cute little penguin wearing an even cuter knitted RNLI lifejacket! As these penguins are handmade they may differ slighthly from product pictured.

  • Average height 6cm (2„’‚¡‚’‚’‚‚¡‚¦‚¡’‚¡‚’‚’‚‚¡‚¦‚’‚¡‚’ ’‚ ‚ ’’’…¡’‚¡‚ ’ ’‚ ‚¡‚…¡’‚¡‚’ ’‚¡‚’‚’‚…¡‚’‚¦‚¡‚‚¡’ ’‚¡’‚¡‚’ ’‚ ‚ ’’’…¡’‚¡ ’‚¡’‚¡‚¡„’‚¡‚’‚’‚‚¡‚¦‚¡’‚¡‚’‚’‚‚¡‚¦‚’‚¡‚’ ’‚ ‚¡‚’‚’‚‚¡‚¦‚¡’‚¡‚’‚¡‚¡’ ’‚‚¡‚¦¡‚’‚¡ ’‚‚¡‚¦‚¡’…¡’‚¡‚¡ â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ â€™â€™â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¡â€™Â â€™â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¶â€žâ€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šâ€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™Â â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ â€™â€™â€™â€¦Â¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ â€™Â â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ¡â€šâ€¦Â¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™Â â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€¦Â¡â€šâ€™â€šÂ¦â€šÂ¡â€šâ€šÂ¡â€™Â â€™â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™Â â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ â€™â€™â€™â€¦Â¡â€™â€šÂ¡Â â€™â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¡â€žâ€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šâ€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™Â â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šâ€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šâ€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¡â€™Â â€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦Â¡â€šâ€™â€šÂ¡Â â€™â€šâ€šÂ¡â€šÂ¦â€šÂ¡â€™â€¦Â¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¡ â€™â€šÂ â€šÂ â€™â€™â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ¡â€™Â â€™â€šÂ¡â€™â€šÂ¡â€šÂ®")
  • This product has been handmade by skilled crafts people in Nepal and by buying this product you are supporting fair wages, working conditions and helping secure future employment.
  • This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children under 36 months due to small parts

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